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Winter is Coming…

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting chillier. Soon the leaves will begin to turn from green to the magnificence colors of autumn and fall from the trees. Before we know it, winter will once again be upon us. Winter brings with it many wonderful things and also brings with it additional challenges to consider when it comes to your vehicle. Prior to winter you need to ensure that your tires are properly inflated, ensure that your battery in functioning well and winterize vehicle fluids. Be sure to not overlook addressing dents on your vehicle. The cold winter months also present extra challenges when it comes to the paintless dent repair (PDR) process. The local auto body shop Denver Dents understands these challenges.

Damage to your vehicle caused by hail and other components can be unsightly and lessen the value of your vehicle. This damage can worsen over time and increase the cost of repairs. Even small dents can weaken the paint and can cause it to crack and peel over time. This can allow water, wind and other elements to leak in which can lead to rust. Dents to your vehicle are not only a cosmetic issue. If left unrepaired this can cause widespread damage that can cost a lot more to repair down the line. Dents can also effect the performance of your vehicle and can produce conditions that allow harmful mold to grow.

The winter season presents additional challenges to the dent repair process. One of the reasons is because of the low temperatures. When performing dent repair in Denver during the winter months the surface on the vehicle has to be heated up prior to addressing the dent. This is because it can cause damage to the paint to attempt to repair dents in below freezing temperatures. Paint is weakened by low temperatures and becomes more prone to cracking and flaking. The professionally trained technicians at Denver Dents understand this and have techniques to avoid further damage to your vehicle.

Now is the perfect time to get summer dents and dings repaired before the cold winter months arrive. The salt and snow of the winter season only accelerate the worsening of damage to your vehicle. PDR is a very affordable option to restore the look, integrity and value of your vehicle. Denver Dents provides the best paintless dent repair in Denver!

Denver Dents is also a locally-owned Colorado business. This means that the technicians at Denver Dents are local people who have first-hand knowledge of what Colorado winters are like. This also means that they treat you with the care and respect of a neighbor. They are members of and are invested in the success of the Denver community.

Furthermore, Denver Dents gets the job done right the first time. They are very confident in the quality of workmanship that they provide to their valued customers. Denver Dents stands behind all of the work that they do by providing a best in industry lifetime warranty on all workmanship! This gives customers added peace of mind.

Denver Dents is the Denver auto body repair shop and now is the time to address dents before the chill of winter arrives. Putting off repairing dents to your vehicle can allow the damage to worsen. Weather and road conditions during the winter months can accelerate this. The cost of repairs only increases as the damage worsens. Getting paintless dent repair now can be a cost effective way to restore the beauty, integrity and value of your vehicle. Contact the experts at Denver Dents today to get a quote or schedule a repair at 303-200-0476!

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